Brand New Cover Reveal

I know…anyone who’s been watching might have realized that I have changed the cover for Broken Angel approximately one hundred billion times. But this is the absolute, final, last time. Really!

See, I’m not really an artist (but I play one on TV). And so, I commissioned the extremely talented Melody Simmons of Ebook Indie Covers to create what I couldn’t: a cover that actually looks good and tells a story about the book.

Melody exceeded my expectations, and I absolutely LOVE what she’s done:


I thought I’d show you guys first, before it goes live on Amazon.

ETA: I’ve had the typography changed. 🙂

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One thought on “Brand New Cover Reveal

  1. Sorry to have to say that I hate it. It’s cluttered with too many elements (just plain bad design), cliche graphics, and generic fonts. It makes the book like a generic sports story. If you paid for it, you were rippied off. What I like about Broken Angel and the rest of the stories is that they’re offbeat for that genre, depending on character as much as the violence. The covers should reflect that. This cover simply makes BA look like every forgettable piece of trash.

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