Paul Bearer: Gone Too Soon

Well, it seems I’m about to out myself as an old-school WWF fan, but I just had to make note of this sad occasion. Paul Bearer, a.k.a. Percival Pringle III, born William Alvin “Bill” Moody, has passed away at the age of 58.


Paul Bearer — he’s the short one on the left

I watched WWF back when it was awesome, in the age of The Rockers and the Ultimate Warrior–and of course, The Undertaker. Oh, how I loved him. Impossibly huge, with an incredible stage presence that was enhanced tremendously by the presence of his creepy and underhanded manager, Paul Bearer.

In a time when puns were still funny (Cryptkeeper, anybody?), Paul had THE BEST name play going on. And that urn. Oh, man…outrageously morbid wasn’t quite so normal then, and that urn was a true flash of showmanship.

R.I.P., Paul Bearer. I loved you, man. You and the Undertaker were the best part of my Saturday mornings for a long time. Thanks for that.

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