Broken Angel: Coming Soon to Print

It’s come to my attention that some folks are trying to order print copies of the House Phoenix series. Unfortunately, though Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers are showing the books as available in print (with the previous cover), they are not actually available.

Because I would like people who want print copies to have them, I’ve just signed up with CreateSpace and started the process of creating print versions. From what I’ve read so far, it looks like it could take up to six weeks from approval of the files to make the print versions available — and in this case, it may take a bit longer, because I’ll have to do the “prove this is really your book” dance again with Amazon, and make sure they replace the old print version listings with the new.

I’m going to make the interior design of the print versions all lovely and fancy, because trade paperbacks are not cheap, and I want folks to get their money’s worth. I’m also going to set the prices as low as possible. And who knows — maybe Amazon will randomly decide to discount them, as they seem to do with other books.

So I’d say give it two months, and by then there should be print versions available in the US and the UK, and possibly other Amazon stores (the distribution channel options say “Amazon Europe,” so I’m hoping that includes all of them).

The only one I’m not sure about is Origins. I believe that even with the slimmer page count, it will come out to be a respectable print book length — but it may not be worth buying in print if I can’t set the price lower than for the others. I guess I’ll find out about that when I get that far!

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