The X-Files: Making Me Cry Once Per Season

Thanks to the magic of Netflix, I am now watching The X-Files for the very first time. I know… how I missed it while it was airing, I’m not sure. But I can see why it was such a popular show. It’s really engaging, well written, and well performed (after Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny got through the first season of “wait, what is my character supposed to think about this, again?”…but that’s to be expected for any first season).

I knew it’d be a good show — but I wasn’t expecting any tearjerkers. I can only count a handful of television shows that have emotionally engaged me that thoroughly and still have a few fingers left over.

So far, I’ve run across at least one episode per season that’s turned on the waterworks. In Season One, it was “Beyond the Sea” (with Scully’s dad). Season Two was “One Breath,” in which Scully was not dead after all.

I’m almost halfway through Season Three, and yesterday I ran across the biggest tearjerker yet — “Oubliette.” In this episode, a former kidnapping victim develops a psychic bond with a teenage girl who’s just been kidnapped by the same man who held her hostage in his basement for five years. It was a truly powerful episode.

Plus, I love the word “Oubliette” because it was used in Labyrinth — still one of my favorite movies. (David Bowie! Those tights!)

Any other X-Files fans out there? Don’t spoil the other six and a half seasons, though… 🙂

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