A Character Interview with Jenner

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A lot of authors are doing character interviews these days, and people seem to like them. So I thought I’d give it a try. I started with Jenner, because he’s the character I hear the most about from readers.

Here’s how it went…

Vaughn: You know, a lot of my readers really love you, and—

Jenner: So your readers are fools?

Vaughn: (sigh) Let’s start over. Can I ask you a few questions about—

Jenner: No. You are wasting my time. *slams door in my face*

I think I need a little more practice with character interviewing before I take on Jenner. Next time, I’ll try talking to Lucien.

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4 thoughts on “A Character Interview with Jenner

  1. Whatever made you think Jenner would submit to an interview?

    It’s nice to see that you’re actually using your blog. I was hooked (reluctantly) by your first Phoenix House novel and wound up buying all of them. I subbed to your blog hoping that there would be news about another one someday, but was disappointed that it was being neglected. It seems patience is rewarded once in a while.

    I’m glad to see that the books are on Amazon now. You deserve to make more than $.99, though I might not have bought them all at the higher price. Not because of the quality, but my very strict book budget. Just left you a review for Broken Angel. Hope that makes up a bit for having to be a cheap reader.

  2. Well, I did have to try… he’s a pretty popular guy. 🙂
    Thanks so much, Catana! I’m so glad you enjoyed the series, and that you’d subscribed here however long ago it was (I can’t believe how long I’ve been trying to get this series right!). I do apologize for the very long delay with the final book — but I’m on track to have it out by summer of this year.
    And thank you for the wonderful Amazon review! I did (finally) realize the problem with the pronouns… in fact, I went through all four books and revised specifically for that, to (hopefully) make things clearer.
    I’ve asked Amazon to make the updated versions available. They say it will take four to six weeks — I’ll be glad when that happens.
    Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Well, you might have ticked him off by saying that readers love him. Bad move, knowing Jenner. He’s a fascinating character, but not exactly one you can love. And he’s too private to want to be exposed on someone’s blog. As you probably found out while you were writing the books, we authors don’t really own our characters. Once you give them a voice, they take over and dictate what you’re allowed to say about them.

    I don’t think Amazon usually takes that long to update editions, and they do generally notify customers when it’s available. Actually, the personal pronouns did bug me quite a bit, but I figure a lot of people aren’t as picky as I am, so I didn’t want to overemphasize it. I wish you much success on the series.

  4. Oh, so true… they do tend to take over. And I definitely ticked Jenner off. 🙂
    Thank you again!

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