Why I’ll be talking about movies, too

(image credit: gailf548)

Ask a writer what inspires them, and you’re likely to hear about their favorite books and authors. But mention a movie, and you may be cautioned that “movies aren’t like books.” They’re a different medium with more dimensions (sound, music, visual cues), and writing a book requires a different way of conveying a story.

Quite true. Still, I’m just as inspired by movies as I am by books.

When I write, I “see” the story. I’m not claiming to be some vessel from which stories are poured through my fingertips, to the keyboard, to the page (because that would be silly — much as my characters would like me to forget this fact, I’m in charge around here!). But I definitely visualize what’s happening in my head.

This helps me remember to add more detail to the story. I write down not only what I see, but what I hear and smell and taste and feel. I like to think this additional tactile input helps my work come to life for readers.

Plus — I absolutely love movies. Great ones, good ones, bad ones, awful train wrecks, old ones, new ones, and everything in between. I just love them…especially when I discover one I’ve never heard of before that turns out to be amazing. Like Gunshy with Michael Wincott, one of my favorite actors of all time (who’s in my favorite movie of all time, The Crow). I ran across it on Netflix about a year ago, and it totally blew me away.

So, that’s why I’ll occasionally talk about movies here on the blog. What’s your favorite movie?

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