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An influential crime boss with an appetite for power…

A sadistic enforcer whose name alone strikes fear in the souls of the most hardened criminals…

And an innocent man who is forced to join their twisted games.

“This book was truly magnificent.” –Jessie Potts, USA Today reviewer

“Unrelenting and exciting…a palpable sense of danger.” –K. Harris, Top 10 Amazon reviewer

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Gabriel Morgan will do anything to save his sister. But when her captor, Marcus Slade, demands payment in blood, Gabriel finds himself plunged into the darkest of worlds–New York’s criminal underground, where violence is a commodity and the only rule is survival at any cost.

Forced to join Slade and his fiercely intelligent, twisted enforcer in their bloody enterprise, Gabriel plays the game–while in secret, he mounts a desperate plan to turn their own rules against them.

BROKEN ANGEL is a dark suspense thriller, packed with action and edge-of-your-seat tension–from chilling start to shocking, jaw-dropping finale.

Details & excerpts from Broken Angel



New alliances are formed, dark secrets are revealed, and bonds formed through pain are put to the ultimate test in the second installment of the House Phoenix series…

For all his life, Shiro Kuroda has served the Harada empire–first in Japan, and now in America as a fighter in the organization that spans New York’s underground. He also works closely with his sempai, Jenner–a secretive man whose sadistic cruelty is legendary.

Technically, Shiro is Harada’s chief assassin, but his deadly skills have never been called into service. Until now.

When Shiro is ordered to hunt down an enemy whose lethal abilities match his own, he is forced to close himself off from those he trusts–his sempai, and his close friend Angel–because his adversary will use any means necessary to stop him. Even if it means going through the people he cares for.

Meanwhile, Angel and Jenner struggle with an uneasy truce, working together reluctantly to help Shiro–before time runs out for all of them.

Devil’s Honor is a tense and twisted suspense thriller, with explosive action and shocking revelations.

WARNING: Contains violence, profanity, and revenge.

Details & excerpts from Devil’s Honor



A brutal battle of wills between two men driven to win at any cost plays out in secret, plunging House Phoenix into a tailspin of tension, in the third installment of the House Phoenix series…

Diego Mendez, drug dealer and self-professed saint, is a man of his word. So when he vows revenge on Angel and his friends for the death of his lieutenant, there isn’t a doubt in his mind that House Phoenix is going down.

But when he kidnaps stoic Jenner–intending to not just kill the man, but break him down until he begs for death–Mendez finds the challenge may be greater than he can handle. Because Jenner’s secret past has conditioned him for survival, and given him the patience to take vengeance on his own terms.

And Mendez has a secret of his own–one he’ll protect with his life.

WARNING: Contains violence, wicked language, and torture.

Details & excerpts from Mask of the Serpent



The hunted must become the hunter.

For the past fifteen years, Randall Tyler has lived as Dell Ramone—glamorous transvestite, international smuggler, and leader of House Dionysus, the Queens branch of an organization for underground street fighting. Dell’s constant companion and bodyguard is Ania, whom she rescued from a vicious human slave trader in the process of putting him away for life—or so she thought.

Now the slaver, Loyal Sims, is out of prison and hungry for Dell’s blood. As Loyal tortures and slaughters his way through Dell’s loved ones, she is forced to become Randall once again, and take refuge with Angel—the organization’s newest House leader, and the only one Loyal doesn’t know…

Details & excerpts from Shades of Black




Origins_Branding“A Dangerous Gift”: When three-time tournament champion fighter Marcus Slade decides to bow out of the game and hire his own stable of bloodthirsty brawlers, his employer offers him a parting gift he can’t refuse — one that may prove more harmful than helpful in his new venture.

“Role Reversal”: After Sol manages to destroy his football career — and that of his twin brother, Apollo, in the process — in a vicious bar fight, he’s sentenced to anger management with a very unusual doctor… who, instead of healing him, is unraveling the last of his sanity.

“House Call”: Having lost his license to practice medicine, Seth “Doc” Stephens is approached by a now-former patient with a big problem in the form of a nasty criminal boss. But when Doc confronts the man, he realized he might have stepped into something he can never escape.

“Badder Than Hell”: Aidan, the new lieutenant of House Prometheus, is out with the gang to break in a new recruit — preferably with a bruising bar brawl. Unfortunately, their target for the evening has some really big friends waiting in the wings.

Bonus full-length novella!

“The Boy Who Never Was”: Young Sunil has never had it easy. His parents despise him, his brother frequently thrashes him, and everyone in his village does their best to pretend he doesn’t exist. But Sunil prefers being shunned, and left to his own devices — until one day, a Japanese hunter arrives in the village and negotiates to purchase him as a servant.

Sunil is brought to Japan and placed in the sole charge of the hunter’s son, the cruel and sadistic Tomi Harada. Despite gaining a single friend — a servant boy who seems happy to ignore Sunil’s darker qualities — he is forced to cope with unending brutality, until he can learn to extract respect from his heartless master. By any means necessary.

Bonus novella #2:

“No One’s Beloved”: The untold story of Jenner and Suki

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